Deploy. Monitor. Manage.

Synpse enables you to effortlessly setup and control applications more effectively and hassle-free across hundreds or thousands of machines from a single place. Built-in collaboration, metrics collection, logs and SSH access available to any of your devices via web UI or CLI in seconds.

Synpse Cloud UI

Control machines from anywhere

All the features you might need are available out of the box:

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  • Deploy Docker containers
  • Rich UI, API and CLI experience
  • Enterprise-ready RBAC
  • End-to-end encryption
  • High reliability
  • Remote SSH access
  • TCP tunnels
  • Auto updates
  • Real time device metrics

Declarative deployments

Synpse applications are written in yaml, an industry-standard adopted by the most popular orchestrators. GitHub integration to keep your deployments versioned.

Example app

Application configuration is heavily inspired by Docker Compose and Kubernetes, two most popular tools to run container workloads on a single machine and at scale.

  • Deployment based on labels/selectors
  • Deploy from UI/CLI
  • Integrate into CI/CD system
  • Device data available for applications
  • Dynamic templates