Device provisioning

Simplifies provisioning of the devices with Synpse Quick tokens and universal image!

Published on April 16, 22

Synpse is an end-to-end platform to manage your device fleet that can grow to hundreds of thousands of devices, perform OTA software updates, collect metrics, logs, deploy your containerized applications and facilitate tunnel-based SSH access to any of your device. You can find a Quick Start here .

Synpse supports multiple ways to provision devices. And we want to make this journey as easy as possible. This is why we introducing Universal Synpse Image and Quick registration tokens.

This allows fast prototyping and device provisioning for you home labs.

Quick registration tokens

Quick registration tokens are a way to provision devices using Universal Synpse Image. You can assign short lived token to standard device provisioning token and using “Synpse Web Installer” you can provision device from the device browser!

At the moment we support only, Raspberry Pi OS. More will be coming!

How does it work?

Download Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye Synpse Universal - 2021-10-30 and run it on your device.

Once device boots, you should see Synpse Web installer in the browser:

Synpse web installer
Synpse web installer

Get quick registration token from Provisioning page:

Quick registration token
Quick registration token

Enter code into installer form and click “Register” button, once done you should see device in Synpse cloud

Registration success
Registration success

More about Synpse universal image and quick registration tokens -

Wrap up

Device provisioning should not be a hassle. We are continuously working towards making it easier. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to start a new discussion in our forum or drop us a line on Discord