How to setup the NVIDIA Jetson Developer Kit

A short tutorial on setting up NVIDIA Jetson for use with Synpse that ensures remote connectivity, file sharing and application deployment.

Published on December 28, 21

Synpse is an end-to-end platform to manage your device fleet that can grow to hundreds of thousands of devices, perform OTA software updates, collect metrics, logs, deploy your containerized applications and facilitate tunnel-based SSH access to any of your device. You can find a Quick Start here .

Jetson Developer Kit
Jetson Developer Kit



Step 1: Open the terminal

Open the terminal in NVIDIA Jetson by clicking on the LXTerminal. From the start, I would suggest assuming root permissions as we will be installing some system packages:

sudo -i

Step 2: Install curl

In the terminal, run:

apt-get install curl

Step 3: Install synpse

Login into your account on, then go into the “Devices” page. Click on “provision”:

View your registration command
View your registration command

And copy the given command into the terminal:

Copy command into the terminal
Copy command into the terminal

In a few seconds, you should be able to see a new device registered in Synpse dashboard.

Next Steps

Remote SSH access to Jetson

Synpse provides a simple SSH method into your Jetson via the web UI or the CLI:


Once Synpse and Jetson are up and running, you can move your device between buildings, change internet connections, you will always be able to connect to it as long as there’s a working internet connection.

File copy to and from Jetson

Install the Synpse CLI ( on your local machine (if you don’t have one yet). Then, you can use it to download and upload files directly from/to your NVIDIA Jetson:

synpse cp jetson-nano:/path/to/file/data.csv data.csv

You can read more about this command using:

synpse cp --help

This can be used to:

  • Upload your ML scripts
  • Upload ML models, etc